Look up! 10 Creative Overhead Storage Ideas

Quick! Look up! What do you see? Wasted space? Take a closer look and discover an abundance of creative storage opportunities around your ceiling. This commonly neglected area can bestow a shocking amount of new space, if you just take the time to consider how to use it well. But, this isn’t just about storage. It’s also a chance to show off a collection, create an interesting vignette, or elevate ordinary items into a showcase…or shall I say “shoecase”?

Here is a collection of 10 impossibly simple, yet creative, ideas that will inspire you to think again about where to look for storage in your home.

1. The space around doors and windows is a great place to start. It “frames” the opening, creating more visual interest. Via Good Riddance Clutter

2. Even in standard height rooms, such as this one, overhead storage works well. It creates instant charm and feels like it’s been there forever. Via House to Home 

3. Rolling ladders are key to reach really high storage. This option is best for seasonal items that only need occasional access. BONUS! When it’s not in use, hang magazines or soft blankets over the rungs for a more interesting look. Via Country Living

4. Assuming you’ve invested in beautiful cookware, show it off. This same idea can be applied to a wall mounted option as well. Via Charlotte Barnard 

5. Okay people. This one takes the cake. We all love our shoes right? Of course they deserve this treatment. Easy DIY project, too. Tip. Don’t try this with your tennies.  Via House to Home

6. Look in unexpected nooks and crannies. This galley kitchen just seized some serious square footage by inserting wedge-shaped shelves. The pop of color makes the perfect backdrop for this white dish collection. Via Country Living

7. This beautifully curated shelf proves adding overhead shelving doesn’t overwhelm a room or make the ceilings feel shorter. In fact, because it draws your eyes up, the sense is that they are actually taller. Now where can I find that wire framed chair?! Via Wayfair

8. Obviously. Via Repubblica

9. Adding storage over a bed instantly creates the feeling of a cozy nook. Tuck a reading light under it and you’re all set.  Via But I Love Books

10. Hinged sconces mounted ALL THE WAY to the ceiling is the critical element here. This keeps the eyes moving up so the whole wall feels to scale. Now the wall hangings and baskets don’t feel out of place.  Via Go Local

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