20 Things Every Guestroom Needs + Why These things Matter

Having a guest room doesn’t require a lot of space.

In fact, I'm in a few weeks I'll be revealing my own tiny guestroom. But it does require a few essential elements if you want to create a memorable and relaxing experience. To accomplish this, be sure to give your guests these three things: a sense of privacy, some comforts of home, and ways to help them feel as if they aren’t invading your personal space. The best part is, none of these things require a ton of space. Just a little consideration. 

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#1 A Seriously Comfy Bed

The bed is the heart of the guest room. Invest as much as you can afford into a good mattress. Select one that isn’t too firm or too soft. For a few nights, a full size mattress is plenty of room for the average guest. If you anticipate older guests, keep the bed at the typical height avoiding really high or low beds.  Soft, crisp white sheets feel luxurious. Layer a blanket between the sheets and comforter to allow guests to control how cool or warm they want to feel. 

#2 A Nightstand

This sounds obvious, but I've stayed in rooms with no nightstand because the host was stumped to find the perfect one. A nightstand can seriously be anything. It need not have drawers or even legs (say a log.). Look around your house and see what you already own. Chances are you’ll find something much more interesting, than if you were to head out to a furniture store in search of the perfect nightstand. A spare chair, a crate, a stack of books…anything can work. Just make sure the surface is wide enough to handle a glass of water and a few sundries. 

#3 A Clothes Butler

No need to fuss over closet space. Most guests will only need to hang a few key items. A simple rod hung in the corner will do just as well. You may even consider simple hooks with hangers available. 

20 Things Every Guest Room Needs || wwwstudio7creative.co

#4 Extra Outlets

Guests often travel with electronics and need a place to charge them without leaving them strewn around your home. I love this one that can run flat under a rug. It’s a concept design at this point but it seems so simple. Hoping it will be out soon!  Via Dwellers without Decorators. 

#5 Extra Blankets

Our bodies run at different temperatures.  Ensure a comfortable stay for your guests by provide a way for them to adjust their personal temperature. A few extra blankets is all you need for your chilly guests. Plus it’s an inexpensive way to add instant texture, color, and warmth to a space.  

 Alpaca Throw from Crate and Barrel $179

Alpaca Throw from Crate and Barrel $179

#6 A Fan

Fan :: A fan doubles as a white noise device. I really love this vintage-looking wall mounted fan that takes up zero floor space. Tip! Place the wall control that is included, next to the bed, about 30” above the floor, for ease of control in the night.

 Kaye Oscillating Wall Fan via Lumens $378

Kaye Oscillating Wall Fan via Lumens $378

#7 A Tray

A tray or docking station is a perfect way to help guests keep their belongings corralled. I love this stylish choice from the San Francisco maker BushakanSF.

 iPhone Docking Station via Bushakan on Etsy

iPhone Docking Station via Bushakan on Etsy

#8 Full Length Mirror

Give guests a full length mirror for dressing. I love this one for its slim profile that doesn’t take up much floor space. (None if you hang it on the wall!) 

#9 A Chair for Lounging or Dressing

Chair for Getting Dressed :: The Sling Chair via Sit and Read gives me goosebumps.

#10 Bed Side Lighting

My choice for bedside lighting is either a swing arm wall lamp or a pendant light. Neither takes up precious table space but both add loads of charm. I love this black powder coated and brass swing arm lamp. 

#11 Water Carafe and Glasses

 Nothing says “Welcome” like a tall glass of water. Keep a carafe and small glasses available, especially if the guest room is on another floor from the kitchen. I love this simple and elegant Danish Design From $55 at the Danish Design Store

#12 Snacks

Treat your guests to a selection of unique, homemade, or local treats. Provide a variety of chocolate, nuts, and protein bars for midnight snack attacks.  Image via Expensive Life

#13 Fresh Flowers

Pick some from your garden or buy an inexpensive bunch from the market. Keep it simple. Via Ashley Kelemen

#14 Candles

Candles add an instant sense of relaxation. It’s an easy way to put your travel fatigued guests at ease. Choose light, clean, and gender neutral scents that aren’t overbearing. Love the ones in season right now at Target for $9.

#15 Books about Local Area

Some friends gave me a copy of Weird Colorado when I first moved here. It’s a great one to keep around for guests. From $11. I also love the Images of America: Northwest Denver

#16 Fresh Towels

It’s pretty obvious that you should provide fresh bath towels for your guests. But when I came across these 100% Turkish pestemal (pesh-te-mahl) bath cloths for $40, I nearly died. These are the traditional towels used in the legendary Turkish baths.  Get two and call it a day. Via Poketo

#17 Touch of Charm

Maybe it’s the southern girl in me, but don’t be subtle when letting your guests know they are welcome.

Be My Guest Wire Sculpture from Anthropologie $58

#18 Pillows

Hello Pillow from ModCloth $35

#19 Coffee/Tea Station

For early risers who don’t want to disturb others, provide a starter cup of jo. Any small surface can be home to a coffee & tea station. Starbucks Via Ready Brew coffees are remarkably fresh and satisfying. (Thanks to our lovely Airbnb host Laura for changing my mind about instant coffee!)

Be sure to include a pot for instant hot water, cream and sugar, and a beautiful mug. Loving this handmade mug!

#1`9 Wi-Fi Password

Print and frame your wifi code for your guests. Lauren over at Life Love Lauren has created this great freebie printable. Thanks Lauren!

#20 Toiletries

Inevitably someone will forget toothpaste or conditioner. Instead of piling ugly drugstore minis in a drawer, consider presenting these essentials in a beautiful way. Just pour the contents into pretty little containers with a note for guests to help themselves. 


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