The Anatomy of an Artfully Arranged Bookshelf

Lately, I have had several clients ask me to style their bookshelves. It reminded me that my own bookshelf desperately needed attention. I had two very good reasons to do this today. The first is that we have company coming, and well, you can tell from the pictures that it looked like a bomb hit it. Cold medicine, catalogs, little bags of buttons, and an inch of dust had all contributed to the pitiful condition. The other reason is more metaphorical. The purpose for the guests is that I’m getting married in 11 days! There was a clear division of books on this shelf. His and Hers. His are the philosophy, science, and business and mine are the art, fashion and design books. Our shared bookshelf is in our bedroom and it’s the first thing we see in the morning (well, if I were completely honest, it’s probably our 18 month old, smiling and asking for cereal). Needless to say, the redesign was a symbolic gesture of two lives fully coming together. Now he hasn’t seen this yet, so he might get cranky when he can’t find Heidegger because it’s next to Hoppen, but I’ll deal with him later.

The best part of a project like this is it’s free, and only takes about 30 minutes. So get after it!

So here it is...The anatomy

And a few final thoughts...

  1. Edit. Edit. Edit. ::  Donate books you don’t want, need, or read. Or find a less conspicuous home for them.
  2. Balance is key  :: Don’t forget to take a step back (or crawl on the bed, whichever applies). Does the composition feel balanced? If one side is visually heavier than the other, move things around. Also remember darker colors tend to feel more visually heavy than lighter ones.
  3. Stack  :: Arrange books both horizontally as well as vertically for more visual interest. Stack books largest to smallest.

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