DIY Heart String Art

String Art is a quick and inexpensive way to create your own art using just a few materials you probably already own. Watch this one minute tutorial to see how. 


  • Template - Use mine or search the web for other available templates. You can have this enlarged at any print shop. Hint - Ask them to use the blueprint printer to save on cost. 
  • Nails - Make sure it has a larger nailhead to prevent the string from slipping.
  • String - I chose hot pink nylon sting from the hardware store. 
  • Wood - I used a scrap piece of birch plywood 
  • Painters Tape
  • Hammer 
  • Optional - Picture Hanging Hardware

Step 1 - Cut your shape out leaving just a little space outside the line. Position it to your board and tape in place. 


Step 2 - Using the dots as your guide, hammer one nail per dot. Complete the shape. 


Step 3 - Tie a knot around the top center nail to start the design. 

Step 4 - Randomly criss-cross the shape wrapping the string around as you go.  Hints - Try to wrap the string around the opposite direction you came from for more security. See image below. Also, wrap them securely but not too tight or the nails will bend. 

Step 5 - Once all (or most) of the nails have been wrapped, tie a final knot around the bottom center nail. 

Step 6 - (Optional) If you intend to hang the art, use picture hanging hardware (available at most hardware stores) and attach to the back.


Send me photos of your project!