5 DIY Home Decor Projects You Can Do with Kids

Doing projects with kids can be hard.

 There is no doubt the reason I have so many waiting to be done is because I lack the alone time required to accomplish them. My little girl loves to "help".  Attempting any kind of project is an investment in time and patience.  It's never quick and never clean.  But I do believe it's important to give kids the opportunity to use their hands and imagination.  It builds self-confidence and creativity. If you approach the project with the right mindset, the time you invest with them becomes quality time that makes them feel loved and special.  

I've gathered 5 DIY projects you can do for your home that would be great to do with little kids. But before we start, here are 4 tips for making it fun for both of you: 

  1. Prep your work surface - I keep a plastic tablecloth I bought at the dollar store around for all my projects. I keep it with the art supplies making set up a breeze. 
  2. Get out the wet wipes - Keeping these handy will prevent paints, glues, etc. from being smeared on nearby surfaces. 
  3. Go Pee First - Nothing incites panic like hearing an urgent "I have to PEE!" while their hands are covered in Mod Podge. 
  4. Adjust your expectations - it's not going to be perfect...nor should it be. Compare my flower head vase here to the one done below you the results are clear. I had the help my little hands.  

You're welcome. 

Now...here are 5 easy Home Decor Projects you can tackle with the "help" of your little ones.

Note: All projects are linked to original sources. 


#1 Watercolor Table Linens

#2 Fabric Lined Drawers with Mod Podge

#3 Floral Pounding Fabric 

#4 Marbleized Plates

#5 Floral Head Vase 


P.S. I want to see what you did! Don't forget to tag me on instagram if you tackle any of these adorable projects.