21 Small Guest Spaces with Big Style

Having an overnight guest is a great way to reconnect with people you rarely get to see. 

If you're anything like us, you stay up way too late, and eat and drink too much while you play catch up.  Opening our homes to friends and family gives us great pleasure. But not every home has the luxury of a spare guest room.  Some days it's hard to find enough space for our own families. The thought of finding somewhere to host a guest doesn't have to give you nightmares. Guests really only need a few essentials, and a little privacy. The necessities are basics that can be turned into luxuries if we put a little effort and care into how they're presented. These 21 beautiful and creative guest spaces are little in size and big on style. 

A little imagination and a good attitude will reflect the care you want your guests to feel when they step into your home. Whether it's a small space in a playroom or office, privacy and comfort will go a long way to making your overnighter appreciate your hospitality.

Guest rooms are simple, and should be a reflection of your space too. Any extra square footage should be an extension of your home, and so make it yours. A home office is perhaps the easiest  room to do double duty. These spaces are typically quiet and are used sparingly. 

Twin beds are easy and can fit anyone. An adult may feel a little juvenile sleeping in one, but a few nights won't hurt! They are economical, and take up the least amount of space. Daybeds with a trundle are space savers and act as a sofa when not in use. There are many styles that will accentuate any decor, and can be used in to all sorts of smaller spaces. At 39" in width and 75" long (an extra long twin has a length of 80"), there are some pretty creative places that you can fit them into. 

Consider building an area below a bed for a loft-like feeling. Ikea hack tutorials abundant for ideas like this.  Cabinets, drawers, and bookcases become a platform for your mattress doubling your your storage! 

It can also be a fun experience for your guest to be on an untraditional bed. With smaller children, use caution on higher platforms and a railing is not a bad idea for anyone. 

Don't be afraid to try out creative furniture placement. The result may be genius. A desk, bookcase or credenza can become a functional room divider between two spaces such as an office environment and sleeping quarters. Sometimes you just have to start moving things around to know what works. 

Curtains are a lovely and functional way to add privacy to a guest area. It's a simple way to double the functionality of one room. 

Think you don't have unused space?  You might be wrong! Look creatively at the spaces in your home and you may find a way to repurpose or multi-purpose a guest room.  Spaces under stairs, window gables, and other odd places have been utilized and you can use them too! 

The last thing we would like to remind you is guest's needs are generally simple and they shouldn't need much to be comfortable.  If you want to check out 20 Essentials Every Guest Room Needs, I outline simple pleasures every guest room should have. 

With such a beautiful new space, You may be worried guests won't leave!  As the old southern hospitality tradition goes, a guest receives a pineapple when they first arrive as a sign of hospitality and friendship. And when they receive a pineapple at the end of their bed, it is a gentle reminder it is time to bid farewell.