Trend Alert // Dark Green Walls

Dark green walls are "totally a thing" right now.

But the truth is, richly toned deep green walls have a firm foot in history. Today, instead of feeling like you're at the boys club, with updated decor, like touches of brass, they are luxurious, moody, and sophisticated.  Furthermore, the impossibly chic colors of today are deeper in tone (i.e. more black) and straddle the line between blue and green. They are dynamic and change with the light, allowing the walls to take on a personality all their own. 

I've rounded up a selection of deeply hued green rooms that vary from industrial, modern, and minimal to romantic, and sophisticated. All of them downright gorgeous. 

BONUS! At the end, I've included 12 of my personal favorite dark green paints. 

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A Look at Fashion

But Home trends often coincide with what we see in the fashion world. Take blush and gold combos for example. Here we see dark green making an appearance literally...head-to-toe.

14 Drop Dead Gorgeous Dark Green Rooms

If wrapping a room entirely in dark green makes you a little uneasy, try one wall. You'll need darker colors throughout the room to keep it from feeling like a vortex that is going to suck you up at any moment...Unless that sounds like fun. It might. 

On the other end of the drama-spectrum, you can paint the room floor-to-ceiling in a richly toned green for high impact. Florals and brass accents keep this space from feeling heavy and too masculine. 

Speaking of brass...It's no accident that most of the dark green rooms you see here are peppered with brass and copper accents. It's a classic combo that will never get old. 

A punch of crisp white bedding helps this room feel airy yet still cozy and warm. 

Want behind the scenes look at our own dark green room in the works?

The inspiration behind this post was because we are planning to do our own master bedroom makeover starting with dark green walls. Better yet, we're taking you behind-the-scenes to give you an inside look on how we do everything. You don't want to miss it. 

Stay tuned!