What's Your Home Holiday Style?

The turkey is eaten, the family has gone home and if you’re anything like me, you’re pulling out all the decorations - ready for some holiday cheer.  Over the years I’ve accumulated an assortment of holiday decor from family heirlooms to impulsive Target buys. But if I chose to put all of it out the same year, my house would look like the cast of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was in charge of decorating.  

Instead of insisting everything be on display every year, I think about the kind of look and feel I want that year and stick to a theme. If you try this same approach, not only will your home look festive and put together, it will be easier to put away when the holidays are over. Bonus...the following year when you switch it up, everything will feel fresh again.  

Today we’re showcasing 4 popular holiday styles. The things they all have in common? Metallics and lots of greenery. Take liberty to pick two and blend them for your own unique holiday style.  Personally, my home is a blend of Nordic-Mod. Which style (or styles) are you?   


Think L.L. Bean. This holiday style is heavy on the deep red’s and greens. You’ll also find black and creamy whites along with classic tartan plaid.  Traditional icons such as snow flakes, pinecones and Santa make an appearance. Greenery includes pine and fir and gold is the dominant metallic in this holiday favorite look.  It’s everything my childhood was made of.  


This holiday style brings Scandinavian influences to the west.  A restrained palette of whites, blacks, and grays mixes with rustic textures like unfinished wood and chunky knits.  Warm elements such as lambskin throws, keep it feeling cozy. Instead of traditional pine greenery, eucalyptus is a popular choice while brass brings the sparkle.  


This holiday style puts a fresh twist on the classic colors of christmas. Instead of hunter green, think mint green. Instead of wine red, think shades of pink. Really, any candy colored hues are welcome! Look for felt ball garland, DIY paper ornaments, and modern twists on holiday classics.  


Glam - Metallics reign in this holiday style. Mix gold, copper, brass, and silver with bold black and white. Finish the look with a select feature color like classic red or give it a twist with hot pink. Don’t forget lots of greenery to ground the look and keep it from looking too Vegas.  

I hope this post inspires you to create a festive and warm home that brings you great cheer. Feel free to send photos of what you do or ask questions in the comments below. Regardless of your holiday style, make sure to slow down remember that it's not the decor that makes the holidays, rather the people we spend it with and the memories we make together. Have fun!