6 Myths About Working with an Interior Designer

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Understandably, there are many misconceptions about working with interior designers. Historically, interior design was a profession made up mostly of elite women who had a "knack for decor". They held their trade secrets close.  

For many years, it remained a secretive industry, mostly in an attempt to legitimize and sustain the profession. The internet changed that. But interior designers didn't go away. Why? Because we have evolved to embrace the changes and still provide valuable expertise. If I could be called your "Collaborative Creative Guide", I would. But that's a mouthful so I stick with Interior Designer. Today, I hope to debunk some of the myths you might still believe to be true. 

Myth #1 - Interior Designers are only concerned with how my home looks.

False.  Form and function are equally important. It’s true I believe the way your home looks, can influence how it makes you feel.  I also believe that your home should be “livable”, even with pets and kids. Let me help you create a home that is efficient, durable, and beautiful. 

Myth #2 - An Interior Designer won’t let me impart my own ideas

False.  This is not “The Kate Show”. I will encourage and welcome your ideas, thoughts, and creativity.  I always begin the design process by understanding your personal style and taste preferences…even if you’re still figuring that out. 

Myth #3 - Interior Designers are expensive

False. This is an understandable misconception. While full-service design for major projects is a significant investment, you can also expect to get a lot of value out of your experience. But if you just need a little help, I offer other services like HappyBox, an ultra affordable eDesign service, as well as A la Carte services, perfect for those who just need “an interior designer friend”. 

Myth #4 - I can do it myself

(Typically) False. A professional interior designer (i.e. degreed from accredited university + experience) is going to provide you with a breadth and depth of design knowledge and will help you develop and execute a comprehensive design plan in manageable steps.  Our knowledge goes way beyond color and pattern. We understand anthropometrics, human behavior, the characteristics of different materials and more. We also have an extensive library of resources all ready to be shared with you. Besides that, unless you just have ample free time, it really does take time to put things together, know how it will all turn out and how much it will cost. That's what we do best, and we are ready to help. 

6 Myths About Working with an Interior Designer  |  www.studio7creative.co

Myth #5 - My architect/contractor/stylish-friend/etc. can do the same thing

False. No one individual can bring to the table what a great team can do together. I believe that all these key players will look at your project through their unique lens, collectively delivering on the best ideas. 

Myth #6 - My modest home isn’t worthy of a Interior Design services

False.  To the contrary. I believe smaller homes especially need good design when every square inch matters. We will help you re-think the space you see everyday with a fresh set of eyes. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into a home, moved one...ONE THING. And the client stands there stunned. "You’ve changed my life.” the last one told me. Obviously that’s an overstatement but maybe not!  

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