3 Must-haves for an Easy Back to School Entryway

Getting organized for back-to-school is easy as 1-2-3 with these key elements.  

Kate Bendewald Interior designer blogger Austin Waco Texas

Bench + Hooks + Baskets = Easy Breezy

Okay. Anyone else experiencing summer whiplash?

As much as I love summer (and let's be honest, it's still hot as #$LL), I look forward to fall with the same spirit as my giddy school girls. And with that, I feel the urge to purge and get organized. Getting kids out the door requires an exhausting amount of effort first thing in the morning. One space at a time, I'm working to get all the zones set up for success starting with the back entry. 

This is the spot where all the crap kids need can be stored until the next day. And as much as I love a beautiful built-in mudroom, for us, this simple set up just works. It consists of a few basic elements that are accessible to anyone. 

#1 Bench - Quick perch for taking shoes on and off
#2 Hooks - Get backpacks, coats,  and purses off the floor and easy to reach. 
#3 Baskets - These are a catchall for umbrellas, hats, etc. 

Additional options may include  a rug for catching debris, a mirror for one last check before you dash off to work, a cabinet to store shoes, books or other paraphernalia, a lamp for - duh lightning -  a bowl for keys, and of course art! 

Here are a few suggestions to "Get the Look" for yourself. 

Easy Back to School Entry .png

Sources:  Cabinet  /  Bench  /  Hooks  /  Natural Tote  /  Black Tote 
Art Ledge  /  Rug  /  Planters  / Lamp  / Mirror

Mamma tired and want me to get the look for you? I get it.